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Nashville Tn Jewelry

Nashville Tn Jewelry

When you want to sell your vintage diamond jewelry, you may find yourself asking questions like "What is the safest, quickest, most profitable way to sell my luxury jewelry?" and "what do I need to look for in a luxury jewelry buyer?" We've written this short guide to help educate yourself before you visit a jewelry buyer.

Why Do You Wish To Sell Your Diamond Jewelry? 

You need to take a moment and reevaluate why you want to sell your jewelry. For some, a gift you no longer use, or a family member may have passed down the jewelry. At Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers, we know that some jewelry may have priceless sentimental value. Whatever influenced you to choose to sell your diamond or gold ring, earrings, and watch, we are here to help you through the entire selling process.

What Are The Things To Expect When Selling Your Diamond Jewelry?

Selling your jewelry is simple, but you need to follow some precautions before going into this venture. You need to be familiar with the market before you start. You need to know the diamond or gold you want to sell as well as the buyer. If you don't take these aspects seriously, you are at risk of your diamond being undervalued. Most times, people overlook these key factors when they need quick cash. Specifically, knowing your diamond jewelry and your buyer is essential.

Know The Characteristics 

Experienced diamond buyers consider certain things before pricing your diamond jewelry. These characteristics are known as the Four C's: Clarity, color, carat, and cut. 

  • Clarity: Some diamonds may crack after natural wear-and-tear. If you see some blemishes, scratches, or minuscule flaws when you look at your diamond closely, it may reflect on the value of your diamond. 
  • Carat: You may not be familiar with the carat weight of your jewelry. Diamonds that are big carry a higher carat weight than those that are small, making it more valuable. A smaller GIA certified diamond could cost more than a non-certified bigger diamond.  
  • Color: Colorless diamonds are likely to have a higher cost value. Colored diamonds, such as brown, yellow, black, or red diamonds have a different evaluation. When examining your diamond jewelry, look at your piece in good lighting and place it over a white sheet of paper for a more accurate representation.
  • Cut:  The last but not the least is the cut or shape of your diamond. It's vital to consider this factor when selling your jewelry. Modern diamonds that have clean and precise cuts will yield higher cash value per carat.  

Ready To Sell Your Diamond? Contact Us Today 

Green Hills Gold and Diamond Buyers is always looking to buy your jewelry. We buy diamond rings, vintage jewelry, gold jewelry, luxury watches, wedding rings, GIA certified loose diamonds, and much more. Give us a call at (615) 386-3456 to speak with our friendly Nashville TN jewelry specialist about selling your diamond, gold, or silver jewelry.



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