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Seattle Ceramics

Seattle Ceramics

If you’re involved in Seattle ceramics and need a place to create, Eastside Pottery has the perfect venue for your creativity. Our 24-hour work space is open to adult members who are serious about ceramics. If weekly ceramics classes and pottery workshops aren’t enough to curb your appetite, you’ll find our space to be highly motivational, comfortable, and customized to your needs. Eastside Pottery’s two membership options are designed to give you ample time in our studio.

5 Benefits of Learning Ceramics

1. Everyone needs a way to unwind, whether it’s at the end of a hard day at work, after a busy week with the kids, or at stressful intervals throughout the month. Eastside Pottery is equipped with multiple pottery wheels, ample table space, clay bodies, glazes, and everything you need to help you leave your troubles behind you for a while. Whether you’re a seasoned ceramics artist or one of Seattle’s art instructors, you already know the value of getting your hands into the clay for minimizing stress.

2. Art courses online cannot compete with in-person sessions- there’s just no substitute for being there and taking part in the fun. Even the best online art teachers cannot give you the same type of experience you’ll have when you spend time at Eastside Pottery. Join at the Enthusiast Level and enjoy 16 hours of studio time every month of become a Mainstay Member for unlimited studio access. You’ll find details on our website.

3. You never know whether you might possess a hidden talent unless or until you try your hand at ceramics. Art instructors online can make pottery look easy; when you take your very first lump of clay in hand, you’ll know whether you’ve chosen the right hobby. Eastside Pottery welcomes artists of all experience levels, from all walks of life. No matter your skill or aptitude, you’ll have room to grow in our studio.

4. It’s very difficult to learn art online; there are many aspects of the art that are lacking without being able to explore your medium to its fullest. At Eastside Pottery, we’ve designed and created a work space that enables our members to take their talents and ambitions to the limit. We’re not just another Seattle ceramics class waiting to fill seats- our 24-hour creative work space is meant for members first, guests second.

5. Taking on a hobby can keep you young at heart and in your mind; ceramics is well-known to be a hobby of choice for seniors who have always wanted to try their hand at the pottery wheel but never had the time to pursue their dreams. If you’re looking for a way to stay active, pottery is a terrific choice.

You’ll find more information about Seattle ceramics work space when you review memberships, costs, and FAQs on Eastside Pottery’s website. Send us an email communication if you have questions about joining or about our studio. Check out upcoming workshops that may interest you and sign up today.

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