Online Evaluation

It is almost always necessary to bring in your item(s) into our office to facilitate an appraisal,
and in most cases we will probably suggest bringing your piece in for an office consultation.

In some cases, and depending on the piece, we can give you an estimated Online Evaluation based on
a photograph; such as an edition of fine art, a collectable or a decorative arts item.

Whereas, this form of evaluation does not qualify as a certified appraisal for Retail
Replacement Value or Fair Market Value document, the purpose of an Online Evaluation is to get an
idea of value, when a formal document is not required.

Please include the following in
the Description box: size, condition and historical significance.

Important: Please contact us
first for approval to send photographs/Paypal payment for our Online Evaluation service.
Normal response time: 48 to 72 hours.

Fee: 60.00, per item.